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The King’s Sanctuary

The King’s Sanctuary is a church that loves to

see people grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.


It is our profound desire to grow more deeply in love with the Lord, to obey the Word of God, and to follow the leadership of the precious Holy Spirit.


We are deeply passionate about pursuing God’s specific calling on our lives, and we encourage each member to use their God-given gifts to disciple others and to play their individual role in building up the body of Christ.


Cell groups are powerful, life changing sessions that help in refining our faith. As we interact in smaller groups, we have the opportunity to share what we have learned from the Word of God, ask questions about our faith, and share our current struggles.


There are various places to serve within The King’s Sanctuary. We have a vibrant and explosive drama team that never fails to deliver the Word of God in a manner that is filled with laughter, fun and ministry.

We also have a very talented Music ministry with individuals who have wholeheartedly dedicated their talent to making music that glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ.

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