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The Lord Still Heals and He Healed Me!!!

A Short Testimony by Mr. Christopher Hines.

In the typical local church today, there are many who are highly insecure about the topic of healing. It is not unusual for some Christians to say that they know the Lord can heal, but then become unsure if in their own lives, the Lord will heal them. Here is a short and true testimony from someone who struggled to believe in the healing power of the Lord, but then applied the Word of God to his life and experienced first-hand what it meant to be healed by the Lord. I hope you are strengthened and encouraged to call out to the Lord for your healing and that your faith in Christ will grow a little more and that you will know the healing power of the Savior Jesus Christ.

(If you are in need of God’s healing in your life, I would encourage you to get the Biblically based devotional, ‘21 Days To Divine Healing by Pastor Deon Thomas. This devotional practically shows you how you can experience the powerful healing touch of the Lord in your life).


Good day everyone, my name is Christopher Hines and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my experience of the healing touch of the Lord. In the year 2014, there was a viral outbreak in Jamaica of the Chikunguya virus - a viral disease transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes. When I heard about the outbreak, I prayed for the Lord’s protection from this virus and also devoured large amounts of Panadol. I did everything within my power to make sure I was shielded from the virus especially because of the symptoms that some infected persons displayed. Many complained of having rashes, loss of taste, and weakness in the legs (persons were moving like they had aged 80 years into the future).

Although I took many precautions, I still ended up being infected with the virus. I woke up one morning and began getting ready for work but I realized that I had weakness in my legs. Such was the weakness that I felt as if I was among those who had aged 80 years into the future. I also lost my sense of tasting and found myself being unusually tired. The symptoms lasted for about one week but the effect of the virus on my legs lasted for months.

Persons who know me know that I love football. However, the virus affected my ability to play the beautiful game because I had excruciating pains in my ankles which prevented me from standing for long periods of time.

As I said earlier, this situation lasted for months. During those months, I had spent time praying for God to heal me but I did not experience His healing. I still had the pains. For a small period of relief, I would have to soak my feet in warm Epsom salt-water. I made several attempts to play football, however, because of the excruciating pain after the game, I would have to soak my feet again for relief. Out of frustration with this constant soaking process, I eventually just stopped playing the game I loved.

As a Christian, I go to church every Sunday, and on one of the Sunday’s the sermon done by Pastor Deon Thomas was on the topic of healing. At the end of the sermon, he gave an altar call and asked persons to approach the altar if they were in need of God’s healing. To be honest, although I wanted to be healed, I did not want to go up to the altar to receive healing. If I am being truthful, I think I gave up on being healed. As a matter of fact, I had stopped praying for the Lord to heal me. However, I am so thankful the Lord was merciful to me, because in my doubting I heard a voice say to me, ‘What do you have to lose in going to the altar’. So, I went. Pastor Thomas anointed those who approached the altar and prayed for them. When it was my turn, he anointed my head with oil and prayed for me and interestingly, he told me to pray for myself as well. I did what he told me, and we were both praying, and during this time of prayer, my feet felt like they were on fire. I didn’t feel hurt or burned. It was similar to how the Bible says that Moses saw the bush on fire but the fire was not consuming the bush. My feet were being consumed with this heat until the praying had ended. I went back to my seat and felt within my spirit that I was healed, but I had doubts. I said to myself I have to put it to the test. What do you think I did? I went to play football, the game I loved and missed so much. I was a man reborn, there were no excruciating pains and I played the entire game and afterwards, there was no need to soak my feet for relief. I put the healing to the test for 5 days. I went jogging a couple of times and to my astonishment, there was no pain. At the end of the 5 days, I texted Pastor Thomas, letting him know that I received healing on that Sunday.

Why am I sharing this testimony? I am doing it based on Daniel 4:2, which says:

“It is my pleasure to tell you about the miraculous signs and wonders that the Most High God has performed for me.”

The good Lord healed me, and if He did it for me, He is able to do so for you as well.

- Mr. Christopher Hines.

What a beautiful testimony. I hope you have been encouraged to trust the Lord for His healing touch in your life.

If you are in need of healing, take a look at the Biblically grounded devotional ‘21 Days to Divine Healing’ by Deon Thomas. It is not just another book on healing, it literally walks you through the Bible in such a way that you take the necessary steps to receive the healing power of the Lord in your life.

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