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When you’re TEMPTED to LOOK........DO THIS!!!!!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

There are so many impure images seeking out the attention of our eyes. It’s not that we are necessarily looking out for those images but on a day to day basis impure images keep fighting for the attention of our eyes.

Remember king David - He wasn’t looking for a beautiful naked woman but he happened to see one taking a bath. Right at that moment, however, David had a choice - remember he wasn’t looking for anything sexual - he just happened to see some “sexual content”. He could either continue to look or choose to turn his eyes away.

Unfortunately David continued to look and you know the rest of the story. He ended up committing adultery with her and then killing her husband to cover up his grotesque sin. David’s failure teaches us the importance of turning our eyes away from impure images. While we certainly have no control over many images we happen to see, we certainly have control over what we DO when we see those images.

Job 31:1 says: “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a girl”.

Job was a godly married man who wanted to honor the Lord with his eyes and so he made a commitment not to use his eyes to look at a woman in a manner that would be displeasing to the Lord.

Like David we will constantly find ourselves in situations where we see things we weren’t planning on seeing, BUT, like Job, we have to choose to honor the Lord by turning our eyes away from impure images.

Every time we see an impure image - right at that moment we have a choice. We can either continue to look and feast our eyes on impurity OR we can choose to turn our eyes away from the impure image.

We can’t always guard our eyes from sexual content, but we can always turn our eyes away from sexual content we happen to see.

If you desire to continue growing in sexual purity, check out the Biblical devotional ‘21 Days To Sexual Purity’.


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